VeriScan Mobile for Android (Legacy 2022)

Overview of VeriScan Mobile for Android 2022 updates

VeriScan Mobile has been superseded by our cloud-enabled service VeriScan Cloud, which uses a new application called VeriScan for Android. This app is no longer supported by and will no longer be receiving updates or new features.

Before you make the transition, make sure to reach out to your account representative.




When you receive your Android scanner with VeriScan, it has already been tested to ensure the functionality of your device.

Devices purchased directly from IDScan.ner come with a complimentary 3-year license to VeriScan Mobile.

For more advanced features, consider upgrading to VeriScan Online.

To get set up with VeriScan

  1. Unlock the device by swiping up on the lock screen
  2. Press the Apps button (circle with dots)
  3. Open the VeriScan mobile app in the app drawer
  4. Hold the device so the sensor at the top is pointing at the barcode of the ID you wish to scan
  5. Press the scan button and line up the red laser with the barcode until the device beeps
  6. Your scanned information should appear on screen


Accessing History

You can access History by clicking on the "Scan History" button main screen of the VeriScan mobile app.Here you will find a searchable list of all the IDs you have scanned.You can access individual profiles by clicking on an individual's name.
To search, select the "Search Text..." search bar and begin typing your search parameter.

You can also tap the calendar icon in the top right to select the date range you wish to search in.

As you type, different options will appear that match the information you have typed in.When you find the person you wish to select, tap on their name and to access their individual profile inside your device's history.

The three dot menu will allow you to export or clear the history on your device.


Captured Data

Once you have selected a person in your history, a profile page will appear like the one pictured here.On this page, you can see many different data fields that have been read by the scanner, including the following:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Group
  • Sex
  • Expiration Date
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Total Scans
  • Last Scan
  • Picture (taken using the camera)

See More Info

You can also click the See More Info section next to manually enter in other data such as phone number and email address. You can also add comments to the profile to keep track of all other forms of data that do not have their own data fields.

Be sure to click the Save button to save the manually entered information and comments, or click Cancel to discard the information. 


Assigning a group

Once you have accessed a person's profile page (after a scan or via the History), click the Group banner across the middle of the screen to assign a group.

From here, you can set it to any group you have created by tapping the group name then tapping Save.

From now on, when you scan this visitor, the banner will indicate the assigned group.

Creating a New Group

To create a new group, tap the New Group Icon from the "Select Group" menu. From here you can enter the group name and select a color.

Click the Confirm button to save your new group.

You can now assign a visitor to this group by selecting it and tapping the Save button.

From now on, when you scan this visitor in, they will appear in the new group.


Interface Customization

Camera Button
  • Shows the button to allow camera scanning
  • Not required with an integrated scanner
Auto Start
  • Automatically launches the VeriScan app after device restarts
Enable History
  • Allows visitor info to be saved to the History
Scan Beep
  • Plays a sound after an ID has been scanned

Warning Pop-Ups

Group Warning
  • Show a popup when a visitor has been assigned to a group
Age Warning
  • Show a popup when a visitor is younger than 21
Expiration Warning
  • Show a popup when a visitor's ID is expired

Alert Settings

Alert Enable
  • Show alert if an ID is rescanned within the timeout period
Alert Timeout
  • Slider to set the timeout window for ID rescan