By utilizing VeriScan and a Magnetic Strip or Barcode reader, you can capture, display, and save this information with an easy-to-use, streamlined interface. Assign groups, set alerts for underage visitors, and manage visitors with VeriScan Desktop for Windows.

With VeriScan Plus, use an image reader/scanner combo to save pictures of visitors scanned directly from the ID.

Store infrared*, ultraviolet*, and white light scans to the Images/Docs section of each profile.

*Infrared and Ultraviolet images are only available with certain image reader capable scanners.

Visit our web store or ask a salesperson which scanner is right for your needs (email

System Requirements

MinimumRecommendedRequired for Authentication
OSWindows 7/8.1/10
Windows 8.1/10Windows 10 64-bit
CPU (Intel)Dual-Core i3 6000 seriesQuad-Core i5 8000 seriesQuad-Core i7 10,000 series
CPU (AMD)Dual-Core Athlon X4 800 series
Quad-Core Ryzen 3 1000 seriesQuad-Core Ryzen 5 3000 series
Other Recommendations: 1080p Screen, SATA or NVMe SSD, Desktop preferred over Laptop

Installing VeriScan

Visit our website and download the latest version of VeriScan Desktop and the drivers associated with your scanner. 

The VeriScan software can be downloaded from here.

Your driver download can be downloaded from here.

Install the driver and VeriScan Desktop software with the default configuration.

Do not enable VeriScan as as service unless you are specifically instructed to by our Support Team.

Once the installation is complete, you can use VeriScan in trial mode for 100 scans with all basic features enabled.

For an unlimited number of scans you can register your software.


Free Trial / Receiving Updates

VeriScan's complimentary evaluation version includes 100 scans and is fully functional. In this mode, the program saves every 5th scan into the log-file in a comma-delimited format (.CSV files can be opened in Microsoft Excel or similar).

The registered version of VeriScan allows unlimited scans. In the Registered mode, all scanned information is saved in a log file.

Registration Process

You may pay for full registration on our website using our secure server.

All major credit cards are accepted.

After purchase, launch VeriScan and register via the pop-up window. If you are not prompted to register by the popup, then you have likely already enabled the 100 scan trial.

Please remember to provide your order number when registering.

You can find and register your Computer ID by clicking on the following:

Help Tab > Registration > Register via Internet

You can also click the Copy button and email the Computer ID to


In order to access ID format updates that are being released by different issuing authorities, you must renew you VeriScan software subscription on a annual basis. A renewal subscription can be purchased from our website. 

This is not a mandatory requirement, but recommends renewing your subscription so that your device can remain compliant with all new features and updates as they are released.

Using VeriScan

Once an ID has been scanned, VeriScan creates a profile tied to the specific ID number.

All of the information stored on the ID is saved to the profile.

There are large indicators for age, gender, and expiration.

You can also manually add information such as group, phone number, and email address.

Creating a profile picture from a scan requires VeriScan Plus and a compatible scanner.