Download the Gemalto CR5400 driver from our website here.

Remember to only plug your CR5400 in after the driver is installed but before you launch the software.

If the scanner is plugged in after the software is launched, it may not initialize correctly.

Now run the installer called DocumentReaderDriversSetup_1.26.14.exe

Once complete, you can install your software solution:

  • Click hereĀ for a tutorial on how to install VeriScan

Once your software solution is installed, you are ready to configure your scanner specific settings.

VeriScan Setup

Plug you scanner into your computer and then launch the VeriScan software.

Now find the tab in the top bar called "Scanners/Images"
In that section, you will find a button called "Page Reader Settings"
This will launch the configuration tool for your CR5400.

Ensure your settings are as follows:
  • Select the serial number of your CR5400 from the dropdown
    It will be the only option

  • Scan MRZ and PDF417

  • Auto Save Image

  • Images - select all image formats that suit your needs

Many of these will be the default settings.

Click the OK button and you are now ready to begin using your CR5400 with VeriScan