Database Options:

VeriScan has a few different ways you can save your database depending on the overall setup of your business: Local, Microsoft SQL Server, and Online Cloud Server.

These options can be accessed through VeriScan by navigating to the Setup tab then clicking on Set Data Sources.

Local Database File

For single desktop installations and small businesses, you can store the database file on one of the computer's local drives or a network drive.  The network drive will allow multiple computers to utilize it in a client server environment.  The default path for this local database file will be C:\ProgramData\Nautilus\VeriScan.

SQL Server

For a high number of transactions and/or multiple client machines, please consider using SQL Server 2008 or later.

            Windows 7: SQL Server Express, SQL Server Management Studio

            Windows 10: SQL Server Express, SQL Server Management Studio

Please email for further assistance.

Enable VeriScan Cloud

Cloud-based storage is available for VeriScan Online users.

You can sign up and learn more about VeriScan Online by clicking here, and we have a few helpful guides here.

Once you’ve signed up, navigate to Settings > Devices and log in with your device login and password (not your VeriScan Online website login).

If you're unsure which login to use, refer back to the welcome email you received after signing up with VeriScan Online or contact