Online Mode vs. Local Mode

If the VeriScan Desktop app is disconnected from the internet, it may prevent you from accessing certain features.

These features require synchronization with the Online Database, which is not possible without an internet connection.

Online Mode

VeriScan is in Online Mode if the Enable VeriScan Cloud checkbox is enabled in Setup > Set Data Sources

Online Mode means that the history, groups, alerts, and database are hosted in the Online Database.

These features can be viewed in read-only mode in the app.

To change any of these settings, you will need to log on to and change the settings from the portal.

VeriScan can be in Online Mode while also not connected to the internet.

When disconnected, VeriScan will attempt to reconnect to the Online Database every 5 minutes.

You can manually attempt to connect to the Online Database by going to Setup > Set Data Sources > Verify

Local Mode

VeriScan is in Local Mode if the Enable VeriScan Cloud checkbox is disabled in Setup > Set Data Sources

Local Mode means that all settings and data are being managed and stored in the Local Database.

This means that an internet connection is not required, but the data will not sync with the Online Database.

Auto-Upload Offline Scans can work to retroactively upload Local Mode scans to the Online Database.

This requires you to have Online Mode credentials stored, but deactivated, in Setup > Set Data Sources > VeriScan Online.

Possible Error Messages

If you try to access a VeriScan Online feature while disconnected, you will see one of two messages.

Depending on the message, how you respond may change the way VeriScan Desktop is configured.

Error - No Internet Connection

This error informs the user that the action is not supported because the PC is not connected to the online database.

Attempting to access the Online History, Online Groups, etc. can cause this specific pop-up.

Clicking Okay will dismiss the notification and leave VeriScan in Online Mode.
It will continue to attempt to reconnect every 5 minutes.

VeriScan Couldn't Connect To The Server

If you try to scan an ID and you are not connected to the online database, VeriScan prompts the user:

Would you like to switch to the Local Database (as opposed to the online database) and proceed (with the scan)?

  • Clicking No will leave you in Online Mode and attempt to reconnect every 5 minutes.
  • Clicking Yes will switch the software from Online Mode to Local Mode.

It will only attempt to reconnect after you manually switch back to Online Mode by going to Setup > Set Data Sources.