Licensing The New PC

Install VeriScan On Your New PC

You can download the latest version of VeriScan from our website.

You will also need to download any necessary drivers for your scanning hardware

It is not possible to transfer from VeriScan on Windows to another platform. If you'd like to use VeriScan across multiple platforms, ask your account manager about VeriScan Online.

Check Your Current License Key

To transfer your local VeriScan database and settings to a new PC, you must license the new PC.

To get a new key, you must provide your active license key for your old PC to be deactivated.

If your old license is expired, you must purchase a renewal before a new key can be generated.

License key transfers are only available to customers with an active software support plan and active license key.

Register Your New PC

On the new PC, submit a registration request with the following information:

  • Order Date: Today
  • Order Number: Transfer
  • Purchased via: Other
  • Comments: The old PC's license key

Go to Help > Registration > Register via Internet

The registration submission window should appear.

Fill out the form with the appropriate information:

You should receive a new license key from our technical support team shortly.

This license key will be valid only for the new PC and will have the same expiration date as your previous key.

Please be patient: 
You may not receive your key as quickly as a standard license key request. A support agent must manually deactivate the previous key before a new one can be generated.

Transfer The Database

To transfer your database from the OLD PC to your NEW PC, please do the following:

  • On the OLD PC, navigate to C:\ProgramData\Nautilus\VeriScan
  • Make sure that VeriScan is closed before you continue.
  • Because this is a hidden folder, you may need to type the location in the address bar.

  • The database file is called VeriScanLocalDatabase.sdf
  • Copy this file onto a large flash drive or external hard drive.

  • On the NEW PC, navigate to the same location.
  • Make sure that VeriScan is closed before you continue.
  • Delete the old copy of the VeriScanLocalDatabase.sdf file.
  • You can then copy the OLD database onto thew new PC.
  • Relaunch VeriScan and your data, groups, and history should be restored.