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Legacy: Add Weekly Report Recipients

Add emails to receive weekly reports


Create a Read-Only User

Weekly reports are useful tools that can help you understand the traffic at your different locations.

You can add read-only users who only have access to view these reports, without the ability to modify data on the portal.

You can add a user by going to veriscanonline.com > Settings > Users > Add


Be sure to set the following fields for the new user as a read-only user to receive reports:

  • First and Last Name
  • Login name
  • Password (at least 8 characters; at least 1 uppercase, lowercase, number, and symbol)
  • Confirm Password
  • Expiration (when the account will expire and no longer have access to the reports)
  • Email 
  • ☑ Active  
  • ☑ Read Only (restricts access to only be able to view the reports, not edit records)

Enable Weekly/Monthly Traffic Reports

Now that you have created the read-only account for the user, you can set up weekly and monthly email reports.

Log in as the new user and double check that the email address is correct.

Enable the following checkboxes:

  • Settings > Local Settings > ☑ Email Weekly Report (Every Monday)
  • Settings > Local Settings > ☑ Email Monthly Report