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Legacy: Do Not Collect + MultiScan Alerts

How to manage settings to not collect any PII, but still provide multi-scan alerting



A question we are often asked is:

How is it possible to use multiscan alerts and groups if "Do Not Collect" is enabled?

While at first, it may seem counterintuitive, the answer is actually quite simple.

By using a hashing algorithm, it's possible to generate a randomized unique ID number for each visitor.

Simply put, it's the same technology as when you sign in to a website with a password.
The website doesn't have your password stored on their server.
Instead, it stores a hash number that can only be generated by typing your password.
They still know it's you without storing your password directly.
There's no way for them to get your password from the hashed number.

Think of the ID number as a password that unlocks the visit history and group information.

Since none of the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is retained, the only data remaining will be completely anonymous.

The only way to know who that data belongs to is to scan the ID again and view it in the app.

Once the scanned profile is closed on the app, the information is no longer accessible.

Getting Set Up

If you select "Do Not Collect History" combined with "Encrypt ID Number" then there is no PII being stored at all.

Even though no PII is being stored, you can still know your customer's previous visit history but only at the time of the scan.

VeriScan Online Portal Settings

In the VeriScan Online portal, go to Settings > Local Settings > Collect Information (?)


Ensure that the dropdown menu is set to Do Not Collect.

Ensure that [ ✓ ] Encrypt ID# is enabled.

Ensure that all other exceptions are disabled.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue Save button to save your changes.

History View in the Portal

As you can see, the history view in the VeriScan Online portal is completely anonymous.


Clicking on any profile reveals that no data is being stored for this person.

The only known information is which device was used, the visit history, and the group.

Thanks to the 1-way hash, we know this information is accurate but we don't know who it belongs to.

History View in the App

In the app, it is only possible to see the information immediately after a scan.


After this screen is closed, it is no longer possible to view the information because it isn't stored.

The history view is completely anonymous and only shows the time of scan and group.

Clicking on a profile similarly shows that no information has been stored.


Important Information About Hashed ID Numbers

VeriScan Online will encrypt the ID number and store it as a 1-way hash.

  • The hashed number is non-reversible
  • The hashed number is stored with a timestamp
  • No personal information will appear in the history on the device or the portal

The ID number acts like a password that "unlocks" the previous visit data.

When you scan the ID again, the ID number generates the same hashed number again.

VeriScan Online can use that hashed number to check its records and pull the previous visit information.

The information will appear in the app on the screen at the time of scan.

Once you leave that screen, the information is no longer accessible unless you scan the ID again.

The information cannot be accessed by anyone (even IDScan.net) without scanning the ID.

Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about ID scanning laws in your area, please visit our ID Laws website.