How can I use Azure SSO with Veriscan Cloud?

Connecting Azure SSO to your Veriscan Cloud account

Azure AD configuration manual
  1. Go to Microsoft Azure portal
  2. Click on the Azure Active Directory icon
  3. Go to App registrations and create a new one
  4. Enter application name, for example, and click Register 
  5. Find your application in the list and go to settings by clicking on the application name
  6. Go to Redirect URIs settings by clicking the Add a Redirect URI link
  7. Add a Web platform
  8. Enter Redirect URI and Front-channel logout URL from the URIs section of this manual, select the ID tokens check box and click Configure 
  9. Go back to the application settings and click on the Add a certificate or secret link
  10. Create a new client secret, enter a description and expiration date (optional). Then click Add
  11. Copy the generated secret value and save it. It needs to be sent to later
  12. Grant admin consent
  13. Provide the following data to via your ticket or creating a new one by either emailing or going to visiting and clicking New Support Ticket:
    1. Directory (tenant) ID
    2. Application (client) ID
    3. Client secret saved on step #11