How does VeriScan's Barcode Security Check compare to VeriScan Authentication?

An overview of the effectiveness and trade-offs of the Barcode Security Check and VeriScan Authentication.

Our advanced technology and expertise ensure that our solutions are highly effective at detecting fakes and verifying the authenticity of IDs and passports. By using one of our solutions, you can rest assured that your business is in compliance with legal requirements and that only authorized individuals have access to certain products or services.

How do I know if an ID is valid?

Our cloud-based software VeriScan relies primarily on barcode scanning to determine the validity of IDs and passports, which we call the Barcode Security Check. This test only uses the data stored on the back of the ID, so it can work with any of our scanning devices on Desktop or Mobile platforms.

After each scan, we compare the information contained in the barcode with our extensive proprietary database of valid documents, which is created and maintained by our team of experts with over 20 years of industry experience. This approach allows us to detect whether the ID's barcode matches the AAMVA standard for that state/series, providing an additional layer of security that is not found in simple data capture applications.

Because the Barcode Security Check doesn't require images, it is much faster than other ID verification methods. While the Barcode Security Check alone often catches more fakes than simple data capture, it may not be able to detect more sophisticated forgeries using advanced counterfeiting techniques, alterations, or photo substitution.

What if catching fakes is a top-priority?

VeriScan Authentication uses advanced imaging technology to authenticate IDs and passports. It uses UV, IR, and white light images to capture the security features on the document, such as watermarks, microprinting, and holograms. These features are difficult to reproduce and can help to distinguish genuine documents from fake ones.

Because it includes the Barcode Security Check as well, VeriScan Authentication is likely to be more effective at catching fakes, especially if the forgeries are sophisticated and have altered the barcode information. However, it requires specialized hardware and software for imaging and analysis, as well as a reasonably powerful Windows PC to run the Authentication Engine:

Which solution is right for me?

Both VeriScan Cloud and VeriScan Authentication can be used in a variety of industries that require ID verification, such as healthcare, transportation, hospitality, and retail.

VeriScan Cloud, with its focus on barcode scanning, is likely to be more appealing to industries that require quick and efficient ID verification. If you need to quickly verify the age or identity of customers, without holding up lines or causing delays, barcode scanning with our Barcode Security Check can help to streamline this process and reduce wait times.

VeriScan Authentication, with its focus on advanced imaging technology, is likely to be more appealing to industries that require a higher level of security or those with regulations requiring ultraviolet and infrared analysis of IDs. If you need to prevent fraud and identity theft, our advanced imaging technology can help to detect more sophisticated forms of forgery and provide a higher level of assurance that the ID is genuine.

 If you have any questions about which solution is right for you, contact us via our website or by calling 504-434-0222.