Digital Identity Verification Engine Product Updates February 2024


  • Integration to OFAC service.
  • Ability to enable restricting submissions from any country where GDPR applies.
  • Feature for cropped face image to be populated from document when face match is not done.
  • "ageYearsDifference" field to API response (v4). 
  • Error message for when document image(s) are detected to be too blurry.
  • Document confidence calculations when IdentiFraud is completed.
  • The complete address is now divided into respective document object fields for international documents.
  • Error message wording to more user-friendly language. 
  • Failure codes and review reasons are now divided into fields in the API response.
  • General document confidence score calculations.
  • Update of Anti-Spoofing packages.


  • Validation scoring for enhanced DL.
  • Passport fix when "isBackOrSecondImageProcessingEnabled "is set to true causing a  "back image isn't included" error.  
  • Trackstring no longer does parsing when the backImage field is populated instead of the data field.
  • DMV and IdentiFraud checks are no longer completed on document types 4 and 9.
  • "isPdf417Success" now shows "null" instead of "false" when backImage processing is disabled.
  • Anti-spoofing calculations when document steps are disabled.
  • Face matching no longer calculates if isOCREnabled = false.
  • Fix for Australian document processing in API response.
  • Age and Gender checks now correctly populate as null in the API response if disabled.
  • v4/verify/requestID : The "returnRequest" object correctly does not populate if set to false.
  • The "Status" field no longer returns "OK" for expired documents.
  • Green card template field now correctly populates API response.
  • Document Confidence field now shows null instead of 0 if OCR and Back processing are set to false.

DIVE Web Portal

  • DMV and IdentiFraud scores to PDF report.
  • Additional overriddenSettings flags to the Settings page.
  • Icon for REALID.
  • Visuals in PDF report.
  • Appearance updates. 
  • "Submission Statistics" page layout.
  • "Check Face On Document" renamed to "Face Match is Optional."
  • Address Validation "Status" and "Reason" to PDF report.
  • The "Submission Statistics" page Anti-Spoofing, Document Confidence, and Face Match correctly reflects the total graphic.
  • All subaccounts are shown for Admin users.
  • OCR detection for DL's on v4/verify/from-form and v3/Parse/OCR endpoints.
  • The graphic for REALID now correctly is shown in the request details.
  • isMRZSuccess now does not populate as null if OCREnabled = False, isBackOrSecondImageProcessingEnabled = true, isFaceMatchEnabled = false.
  • "Above Threshold" graphics in request details.
  • "Threshold Settings" modifier. 

    DIVE Online


    • Step names to Web Library configuration.
    • Ability to create domain tokens for domains with a port.
    • Descriptions of all visual boxes for the results page, 
    • Ability to trigger verification requests via email.


    • Image download alignment for the graphic charts.
    • Document processing issue when OCR was disabled.
    • The webhook "Review Record" button now correctly links to the submission.
    • "Please input date" no longer remains after the date is entered for API tokens.
    • State statistics graphic now correctly populates in the portal.
    • Update of Web Library to 2.8.5.
    • Edit/delete control moved to the top of the requests table.
    • Data retention settings now delete all information.
    • Cosmetic presentation of the "Settings" page.
    • Cosmetic presentation of graphics on mobile devices.
    • Tooltip from "Review" button.