Digital Identity Verification Engine Product Updates November 2023


  • iOS Typo on the 'Reset' Button.


  • Additional Address Validation check for the global library.
  • Integration to non-IdentiFraud OFAC checks.
  • Suffix field to v4 response.
  • Update of Web Parser Version
  • 'oneSidedScreeningStrategy' field no longer allows '0' as a value in v4.
  • Processing for OCR-Only with International documents.
  • Minimum field requirements for a V4 request.
  • Address Validation logic when two different addresses are on two sides of a document.
  • Update of Anti-Spoofing packages.
  • Fix related to an incorrect document type in the 'Authentication' Passport v4 response.
  • Fix for OCR-only and trackstring-only configurations.
  • Fix for anti-spoofing returning 0 instead of empty when a face photo is not provided.
  • Document response data being null for authentication passport submissions.
  • Fix for 'isFaceMatchOptional' settings.
  • Fix for OCR being null for Australian and New Zealand documents.

DIVE Web Portal

  • Additional fields in v4 from the response schema are now present in portal submission details.
  • Additional toggle switches were added for overridden settings.
  • "Submission Statistics" tab.

  • Color coding of DIVE Report confidence values
  • Verification Requests "Review" button language during Manual Upload
  • Authentication Submissions can now download all 6/7 image sets from the portal.
  • Overview Statistics layout.
  • Naming conventions from  "DVS"  -> "DIVE"  inside the web portal.
  • "Verification Requests" Detail text naming conventions.
  • Back to {ParentAccount} Miswording.
  • Can no longer enter non-numeric characters in confidence filters.
  • "Type of ID" diagram cropping in the downloadable file.
  • Response error message for invalid MRZ.
  • Fix for report fields not matching correctly.
  • Fix for date filtering.
  • Fix for presentation with blurry document or face photo.

    DIVE Online


    • "Verification Method" Column in the DIVE Online Portal.
    • Ability to mass edit, delete, close requests, and notify by SMS added to DIVE Online portal.
    • Clear dates filter button.
    • International check box in portal submission results.
    • "Cross Match Required" toggle in settings.
    • Explanation hints for visual boxes in DIVE Online results.
    • Global library integration.
    • Error handling for invalid phone number.
    • Error message when SMS not delivered.
    • Error handling for Domains, Bundles, and Callback URLs.
    • Sorting button for SMS Delivery Status column.


    • Error appearing when adding invalid bundle format.
    • Cosmetic Element Border bug in the DIVE Online portal.
    • Fix for Web Library configurations not saving correctly in the DIVE Online portal.
    • Fix for not being able to submit IdentiFraud KBA questions in the portal.
    • Fix for face step not being disabled in Manual Upload.
    • Cosmetic presentation for pass and fail popups.
    • "Consent  Form"  -> "Consent Agreement".
    • Cosmetic presentation for closed request pop-up.
    • Default country code logic for SMS delivery.
    • Favicon
    • Settings page presentation.
    • Cosmetic presentation for non-IdentiFraud KBA responses.
    • Cosmetic presentation if the expiration date is not provided in the document.
    • Invalid/Disabled tokens will no longer appear in the portal.