Digital Identity Verification Engine Product Updates September 2023

Updates to the DIVE API, DIVE Online, and Web Portals


  • ofacValidationResult field from IdentiFraud in the API response for v3 and v4.
  • Required fields for Passport Type submissions.
  • Update of Web Parser, Anti Spoofing, and ASDK packages to the latest versions.
  • Bug fix related to error appearing in API response when submitting a document with front and back from different countries.
  • Bug fix related to Anti-Spoofing score display.
  • Fix for OCR Parsing of older CAC's.
  • Fix for submissions showing previous submissions upon page refresh of the portal.

DIVE Web Portal

  • UV and IR Image types are now presented in the portal visually for Authentication submissions.
  • Added  2-second pauses per increase/decrease click for Submission Statistics threshold filtering.
  • Bug related to Threshold settings being applied to portal submissions.
  • Bug related to Threshold applying in the portal with 0% confidence submissions.
  • Bug related to pagination not applying for API and Web Library license keys.

    DIVE Online


    • KBA questions from IdentiFraud are now available for checking within the portal.
    • Toggle buttons for each individual step for Web Library configuration.


    • Bug fix related to manual submissions via the DIVE Online portal.
    • Bug related to UI Customization for the Web Library not resetting correctly.
    • Portal fixes for Reporting and Reviewable submissions applying to correctly filtered date.
    • Fix for manual upload lag via Web Portal.
    • Cosmetic enhancements from DVS ->DIVE wording.
    • Export to PDF will now be disabled for canceled requests.
    • Update of Web Library to 2.7.1
    • "Create" button in the API tokens tab.
    • Excel Spreadsheet