How do I review DIVE submissions?

The DIVE Web Portal stores the data from submissions for review. Submissions that are below a configurable threshold will automatically be marked for review.

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Verification Requests

Request Details

Reviewable Submissions

DIVE Report


A user can search through all submissions to the DIVE API via the web portal; however, the data within the submission will only be available for a specified amount of time.  This can be configured in the Data Retention section of the settings.  In that same section of the settings, you can choose what confidence threshold triggers a submission to be marked for review.

There are two main pages where a user can search for submissions: the Verification Requests page and the Reviewable Submissions page.

Verification Requests

This is basically the "History" page of the DIVE web portal.  Here you can search for all submissions made to the DIVE API.  You can filter by a date range, document type, request status, response status, and search via a traditional search bar.

This page will show all submissions or those that meet the filter criteria chosen.  Any submission outside of the data retention policy setting will contain no data from the submission.  An empty entry will still show on this search though for reporting purposes.

The search results on this page are organized into columns containing data submitted via the API.  If an empty value was submitted for any of these in the API call, the result will show that as well.  For example in the picture above, the capture method is "None Provided."

Created - this is the date the request was submitted.
ID - this is a unique ID that our support team can use to investigate possible issues.
Document Type - this is the document type value set in the request.
Capture Method - this is the image capture method set int he request.
OS - this is the operating system of the device the request was submitted from.
Browser - this is the browser that was used for submission.
Request Status - this is the request status of the submission.  Success, Failed, Pending, and Expired.
Response Status - this is the response status of successful submissions.  OK, Suspicious, and Low Confidence.
Details - this is a button which will open the request details for this specific submission.  See below for an explanation of the request details.

Request Details

The Request Details page contains everything submitted with the request and the confidence scores of the response.  This is the page you would use to review the details of a specific submission.

Images submitted with the request are shown at the top left, and a button to download a .zip file containing those images is present at the top right.  

Next to the images are the confidence values returned in the response. 

The DIVE API will return a value between 0 and 100.  You will need to determine and configure within your application the threshold for what value counts as a pass or fail. 
We recommend 70 as the threshold for pass / fail.

Document - this check is determining if the document is valid.  It will also show the different methods data was captured.  Barcode, OCR, and MRZ.

Anti-Spoofing - this check determines if the face image submitted is a real face.  In the example above, the face image submitted was a cropped image from the ID not a picture taken.

Face - this check determines if the face image submitted matches the face on the submitted document.  In the example above, the face matches because it cropped directly from the ID.

Scan Location - this field contains data about where the request was submitted.

Document Information - clicking this will show all data captured from the document.

TrackString - if a trackstring was submitted with the request it would be shown here.  You can also easily copy it to the clipboard.

Request Info - this section contains information about the request.  It shows the unique ID for this submission, the status of the submission, any failure messages, the request timestamp, document type, OS, OS version, and Brand.

Services - this section shows the status and reason for failure (if applicable) for the Address Validation, DMV, and IdentiFraud third party checks.

Reviewable Submissions

The Reviewable Submissions page contains all failed submissions as well as successful submissions between the high and low end of the threshold settings slider.

You can filter this page by a date range, failure code, days remaining until data is deleted, and search via a search bar.  You can also filter by submissions which meet a certain threshold value for total confidence, face match confidence, and anti-spoofing confidence - this will allow you to see which submissions would have passed or failed given a chosen threshold range.  This can be very helpful for deciding the ideal threshold settings within your app.  

The DIVE API will return a value for each test.  The actual pass/fail threshold must be set in your application.  The settings filter on this page only affects which successful submissions will show up in the Reviewable Submissions section of the DIVE web portal.

The columns in the search result contain the unique ID for this submission, the timestamp, the reviewability reason, the number of days left to review (before data is deleted), and any failure codes.

There are also four Action buttons available here:
Details - this button will bring you to the Reviewable Submissions Details page.  This is identical to the request details page described above; however, there will be additional buttons to download a report and delete the request.

Download Report - this button will download a report of the submission.  See a picture of this report at the bottom of this article.

Download Images - this button will download a .zip file containing all images submitted with the request.

Delete - this button will delete the request from the Reviewable Submissions page.  The request can still be found in Verification Requests.  This is a way to clear submissions from the reviewable page.

DIVE Report

This is a .pdf file that you can download for any reviewable submission.  This file contains the Request Info, Verification Results, Face Verification Results, OCR Cross Match Details, and the images submitted with the request.  Please see the below image for an example.