How can I tell when a visitor is using someone else's ID?

VeriScan for Windows uses face matching algorithms to determine whether a live photo matches the ID photo.

How it works

  1. Scan an ID with a scanner that saves images
  2. Wait for the live photo to be auto-captured
  3. See the Face Match result in the Compare tab:
    image (61)


What level VeriScan plan is required to use this feature?

Which scanners support this feature?

What setup is required?

  1. Install VeriScan v3.11 or higher with component Authentication SDK
  2. Enable Authentication on under Access Management > Devices.
  3. In VeriScan, add a camera - Go to Settings > Devices and click + Add and select Camera. Position the camera in good lighting to capture a photo of a visitor's face. 
  4. In VeriScan, add a supported scanner - Go to Settings > Devices and click + Add and select Scanner.
  5. In VeriScan, enable live photo - Go to Settings > Local Settings > Scan Results > Camera Options and check Capture live photo automatically

What kinds of cameras are recommended for use with this feature?

  • IP cameras are not typically positioned well to capture a live photo that can reliably be used for face matching, so we do not recommend the use of this feature with IP cameras. A 1080p webcam mounted at average eye level is recommended.