How can I more efficiently deploy VeriScan at scale?

Using a command line installer for VeriScan for Windows

If you are an IT manager handling deployment of VeriScan for Windows to dozens of computers, you may be interested in our tool for installing from the command line.

To request access to this tool, contact Technical Support.

Getting Started

Installer help:

VeriScanInstaller-Cmd.exe -?


VeriScanInstaller-Cmd.exe --help

Install VeriScan 3 from the command line



VeriScanInstaller-Cmd.exe install VSD3

Install VeriScan 3 of any version from the command line

When installing an earlier version, you must first Uninstall VeriScan 3, and then run the command:

VeriScanInstaller-Cmd.exe install VSD3

Uninstall VeriScan 3

Uninstall VeriScan 3 and auto updater:

VeriScanInstaller-Cmd.exe uninstall