How do I change my billing frequency?

Discover how to switch your VeriScan subscription between monthly and annual billing options.

When you subscribe to VeriScan initially, you can select either monthly billing, or you can select annual billing and select upwards of 10% by paying once per year. However, if you change your mind, you can always update your subscription frequency. 

How do I switch between monthly and annual? 

  1. Login to your account at 
  2. Click Subscription Info

  3. Click the Plan dropdown to switch between Monthly and Annual
  4. Click Update Subscription to finalize

Make sure you don't accidentally downgrade your plan level or reduce the number of devices, to ensure you don't lose critical functionality

What if I have remaining paid time left before my next payment date?  

If you have any remaining paid time before your next payment date, it will be considered as a pro-rata discount. When you update your subscription, the annual renewal will be charged on that day.