How do I clean the E-Seek M500?

This document will cover the basics of calibrating and cleaning your E-Seek M500 model scanner.


Why should I do this?
Dust removal & calibration
Cleaning the rollers

Why should I do this?

Cleaning the M500 ensures the validity of VeriScan results and extends the life of the device. All M500s purchased from include a cleaning kit with an air divider, calibration card, and a single-use roller-cleaning card, and additional supplies can be ordered as needed from our store

Dust Removal & Calibration

It's recommended to remove dust and calibrate every 3 months or 3,000 scans, whichever comes first. 

Items needed for this step:

Steps (M500 cleaning video 1:45-3:19):

  1. Open side door on M500 
  2. Insert air divider
  3. Use Chemtronics Ultrajet 70
  4. Open VeriScan
  5. Use calibration card as shown in M500 cleaning video 3:47-4:22

Please note that during calibration, the VeriScan software may show an unrecognized scan. This is fine as we understand that it is not an ID being scanned.

Cleaning the Rollers

Cleaning of the rollers should be performed every 6 months or as-needed.

Items needed for this step:

Steps (M500 cleaning video 4:23-5:17):

  1. Close VeriScan
  2. Unwrap and insert cleaning card as shown in video
  3. Assess dirtiness of cleaning card and repeat step 2 if needed
    1. If the card comes out dirty, run the process again with a new card.Screenshot_7
    2. If the card is mostly clean, cleaning of the rollers is complete.Screenshot_8

Cleaning cards should only be used one time each and should be disposed of after use.