ID Authentication SDK Updates February 2022

1 update to ID Authentication SDK.

ID Authentication SDK - 2.145.0 | 2022-02-24



  • Comprehensive authentication support for Nebraska 2021, New Jersey 2020, Nevada 2021, TLC (USA) 2016, Utah 2021, and West Virginia 2019


  • Added a check for the quality of IR images
  • Improved support for the E-Seek M500 scanner
  • The host is created for each running application separately
  • Tests are now run for unrecognized documents
  • Resolved an issue where the SDK could not locate the face on a US Passport Card
  • Resolved contradictions in the total test status and details of Cross Validation
  • Cross match on OCR IR Front are now accurate
  • Host process is no longer closed after the parent process is closed