ID Authentication SDK Updates February 2024

1 update to ID Authentication SDK.


  • Alert pop-up in case the front side (or the back side) of a 2-sided ID is scanned twice


  • Neural networks for Donor and RealIDs tests
  • PDF417 barcode decoding for USA, Florida Driver License/Identification Cards of 2017 series
  • PDF417 barcode decoding for USA, Louisiana Driver License/Identification Cards of 2015 series
  • .NET ID Parsing SDK to 16.2401.31


  • Issues with Canada, British Columbia Enhanced DLs recognition
  • Issues with Veteran mark detection
  • Issue with the barcode recognition for Florida 2020 series
  • Recognition of USA, Wisconsin DLIC of 2023 series
  • Issue with Cropped Document Detection test for M500 scanner