VeriScan for Android Overview (Handheld)

A quick reference guide to VeriScan for Android on your handheld scanner or Android smartphone.



In this knowledge base article, we will cover how to get started with the VeriScan Cloud application for Android, including initial setup, how to scan, access history, explore customization settings, and more.

For anything not covered in this article, feel free to submit a ticket using the link below or by emailing

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In order to use the VeriScan Cloud app for Android, you will first need to sign up for an account by following the link below.

Sign up for an account

Signing up will immediately give you access to a 30-day free trial for both the use of the online portal and Android application. Check your inbox for an email from titled Your VeriScan Online Free Trial Starts Now. The contents of the email will include login credentials for both the online portal. It should look similar to the image below.

Be sure to use the MOBILE DEVICE login for the Android app and the VERISCAN ONLINE PORTAL login for the website.

Dedicated Hardware

  • TOUGHBOOK N1 by Panasonic
  • Unitech PA730
  • IDW9000

Other Compatible Hardware

  • Android device running Android OS 5.0 or higher and a 5 MP camera or higher

Converting a Trial Account into a Paid Account

If you've previously paid for a full subscription and need your account taken out of trial mode, please contact your sales rep or send an email to along with your invoice or order number.

If you haven't paid for a subscription through a sales rep, you can access the subscription page on the online portal by using the below link.

Subscribe here

Getting Started

Dedicated hardware received from should come with the VeriScan Cloud application already installed.

Simply log into the app using your Mobile Device Login.


If you are not using dedicated hardware, sign into the Play Store on your device and search for VeriScan Online. You may see a few different VeriScan apps. The icon should match the image.


Once installed, log in with your Mobile Device Login.

Scanning with the Camera

If you don't have a dedicated scanner, you can use the camera on your smart device.

Tap on the Scan ID button on the app home screen to open up the camera. You may see a pop-up for permission to allow access to the camera.

Ensure the ID you're scanning is in frame. Once the camera has focused, a yellow rectangle followed by a green one will appear over the barcode.



The application will beep upon successful scan and take you to the scan results screen.

Tap on the Scan button at the bottom left of the scan results screen to start another scan.



Adequate lighting is required to successfully use camera scanning. Too much lighting, not enough lighting, and glare can negativity affect your camera scanning experience.

Scanning with Dedicated Hardware

Each scanner we support has its own set of physical buttons to scan with. Please refer to the images below to properly identify your scanner's scan buttons.



Press and hold one of the scanner buttons on your device and aim the laser at the barcode on the back of an ID.

You will hear a beep upon successful scan.

Disabling Camera Scan

Having the Scan ID button enabled when trying to use dedicated hardware can sometimes cause confusion for the end-user.

To disable the use of the camera for scanning IDs (Scan ID button), do the following:

1) Select the "hamburger" icon at the top left



2) Select Settings



3) Disable Camera Button



While in this settings menu, you may also want to verify your hardware is enabled.

Your scanner brand will appear in the list under Readers. Make sure it says Enabled.



Tap the back arrow to return to the main page and notice it now says Reader Scan.

Camera scanning is needed to scan passports or other MRZ documents (Visas, Permanent Resident cards, etc) on devices that do not support passport scanning with the laser (only N1 and IDW9000 devices can scan these documents with the laser).

Scan Results Screen

The scan results screen will display several items, such as Name, Age, Gender, Total Scans, Last Scan, Date of Birth, ID Expiration Date, and a Group if assigned.


Assigning Groups

Groups are a good way to quickly identify a visitor once they are scanned in a second time.

Tap on Group Not Assigned to open up your list of groups.



Select a group to assign it to your visitor.

A group message window will pop up to allow you to add comments regarding the group assignment.



Something to keep in mind is that an individual can only be assigned to one group at a time.

Adding a Photo

After the scan of an ID, VeriScan Cloud allows you to capture and assign a photo.

Tap on the "person icon" in the middle of the Age and Gender to bring up the photo options.

You can choose to add a photo From Files (existing photos on your device) or capture a new one using the Camera on your device.

More Info

Tapping on the More Info button allows you to view the Address from the scanned ID (if available). In addition, VeriScan Cloud allows you to capture information not present on an ID. These fields include Phone, E-mail, and Comments.



Tap on the pencil icon to add/edit these fields.



Tags are another way to quickly identify your visitors. Some examples are specifying their reason for visiting, which part of a building they need to be in, or if an employee is checking in or out.



A visitor can be assigned multiple tags at a time.

Tags are only available with the Enterprise subscription level. Please contact your sales rep if you'd like to utilize this feature.

Manual Entry

To process IDs that are not scannable, you can use the Manual Entry button. This can also be used to process someone who doesn't have an ID.

From the app home screen, tap on Manual Entry.


Fields that are required are First Name, Last Name, ID Number, State, and Gender.



Fill out the required fields as well as any additional information you wish to proceed to the scan results screen.

You can also tap on the smaller manual entry button from the scan results screen.



Offline Scanning

The VeriScan Cloud application allows you to scan IDs while offline / not connected to the internet.

To begin scanning offline, tap on the small cloud icon located at the top right of the app home screen.



A Synchronizing message will display on the screen. During this synchronization process, VeriScan Cloud downloads all of your past records as well as groups, tags, and alert list entries to the device itself to use while offline.


Once in offline mode, the background color of the app will turn red to quickly indicate you're scanning offline. The rest of the app will function the same.



When ready to go back online, tap on the cloud icon again and VeriScan Cloud will automatically synchronize your offline records to the cloud.

The VeriScan Cloud app allows you to scan offline for a period of 72 hours or 5000 scans, whichever comes first. Once one of these are met, you will be asked to go online to sync your data. After the synchronization process has completed, you can change to offline mode again.

Scan History

To view the history of your scans on your device, tap on the Scan History button from the main app page



From here you will see a list of all your scans in chronological order.



Tapping on an individual will display their information as it was captured at time of scan.

You can filter your history range by selecting the calendar icon at the top right.



Select your Date From and Date To, then tap on Accept.



Use the search bar at the top of the History page to search for a specific individual within your data range.



You may also access the History from the hamburger icon at the top left of the main app screen.


You can customize and change some functionality of the VeriScan Cloud app by accessing the Settings.

1) Select the "hamburger" icon at the top left



2) Select Settings


Camera Button

Displays the Scan ID button on the main app page to use for camera scanning.



Agreement Button

Displays the agreement button on the scan results screen.



Displays a counter at the bottom of the scan results screen.



This feature is good for keeping track of traffic / capacity in and out of your building. You can use the + and - to increase / decrease as needed.

This section will turn orange and red once you're either close or at your desired capacity. These numbers are set by logging into > Settings > Local settings > Total on premises.

Reset Counter

This will reset the counter back to zero.

Auto Start

Enabling this will automatically start the VeriScan Cloud app upon system boot-up.

Start up times may vary depending on your device.

Rescan Warning

Displays a warning message if an ID has been scanned more than once within a set amount of hours.



This can be changed by logging into your dashboard > Settings > MultiScan Alert, hours.

Age Warning

Displays a warning message if the ID is underage.



The age that is considered OK can be changed by logging into your dashboard > Settings > Age OK.

Expiration Warning

Displays a warning message if the ID scanned is expired.



Alert List Warning

Displays a warning message if the ID scanned is found on your Alert List.



The Alert List warning message will indicate which group the individual should be placed into.

It is the responsibility of the person scanning the ID to place the scanned ID into the appropriate group.

The Alert List can be managed by logging into your dashboard > Groups/Alerts > Alert List.

Group Warning

Displays a warning message indicating the current group the ID is assigned to.



Gold Zip Code Warning

Displays a discrete message on the scan results screen indicating that the scanned ID's zip code is within the top 100 zip codes by income in the United States.



This is a free feature available to Enterprise subscription customers only.

Please contact your sales rep or to get this feature enabled.

Suspicious ID Warning

Displays a warning message that indicates the scanned ID may be fraudulent by using a proprietary algorithm.

This algorithm checks the scanned barcode against known-good ID formats.

In the event that the scanned barcode does not match the expected format, you will see the "Suspicious ID Warning"


A suspicious ID notification is not the same as a failed authentication check on the desktop. When an ID appears as suspicious, you should take a closer look at the ID to ensure it is real. For more certainty, you can use IDWare Guest + Authentication on a Windows desktop.

Please contact your sales rep or to get this feature enabled.

Location Warning

Displays a warning message when the address of the scanned ID either matches or doesn't match an address listed in your Address Alerts.



The Address Alerts can be managed by logging into your dashboard > Groups/Alerts > Address Alerts.

Additionally, be sure to adjust the Address Verification settings under Settings > Local settings on your online dashboard.

Agreement Screen

Automatically displays the agreement for the visitor to sign.


The Agreements can be managed by logging into your dashboard > Settings > Agreements.

The Agreements feature is available for Enterprise customers only. Please contact your sales rep for more information.