VeriScan for iOS Setup

How to download the VeriScan app on your iOS device, sign in, and start scanning IDs.

Table of Contents

Applies To

✔️ VeriScan Basic

✔️ VeriScan Premium

✔️ VeriScan Enterprise

❌ VeriScan ID Authentication

Download the VeriScan App

To use the VeriScan app on an iOS device, you must download it from the iOS App Store.

Signing Into the iOS App Store

You must sign in with your Apple ID to access the iOS App Store.

If you haven't done so already, you can follow this guide to sign in.

Installing the VeriScan Android App

Once signed in, you can download the VeriScan app from the App Store.

If the direct link above doesn't work, you can search for "VeriScan Cloud" and look for the blue icon with the letters "VS."

Tap on the blue Get button to download VeriScan Cloud for your device.
Once the app is installed, it should appear on your device's home screen.
Tap the blue icon with the "VS" logo to launch the VeriScan app.

Sign Into the VeriScan App

Using the application requires an active subscription to VeriScan.

You will need your Device Login to log in and start using the device.

When you first launch the VeriScan app, you will see a login page for your account.

Make sure to use your Device Login to sign in here, as your portal login will not work.


For VeriScan Basic customers:

  • Use the device credentials sent to you via your welcome email.


For all other VeriScan customers:

  • Be sure to use a unique Device Login for each of your devices.
  • You can create and manage Device Logins from the VeriScan Cloud Portal.

Start Scanning

Now that you're logged in, you can start using the VeriScan app.

From the main screen, you can press the orange Camericon in the top of the main app screen to launch the camera and scan a barcode.


Here's a brief rundown of the main VeriScan app home screen:

  • Scan Button - (CAMERA) launch the camera dialogue to scan a barcode.
  • Scan History - (VAULT) see your recent scan history and review past visitors.
  • Manual Entry - (ID WITH PLUS) use this if your visitor doesn't have an ID but you want to track them in the VeriScan Cloud Portal.
  • Menu Button - (WRENCH) use this button to open the settings menu in the app.


The ID information fields will remain blank until you scan a driver's license or passport with the camera scan button.