ParseLink Product Updates June 2024

1 update for ParseLink for Windows

WizzForms has been rebranded to ParseLink. You can learn more about the transition process and the new exciting features included with ParseLink in the knowledge base.

ParseLink for Windows - 6/11/2024


  • Option to hide "Passed" popup for Authentication and Barcode Security Checks. Unrecognized, warning, and failed popups are unaffected by this setting.
  • Ability to suppress the M280 Ctrl + Backspace hotkey. Contact technical support for assistance with this configuration.


  • Authentication results for previous scans now automatically close when a new ID is scanned.
  • E-Seek M280 devices are now reported as a single device, rather than reporting the serial reader and camera as two distinct devices in the app and the portal.
  • ParseLink trial popup now matches the design and color scheme.
  • Parser updated to version 12.2404.4.3


  • Stability improvements for Authentication SDK on first startup.
  • Fixed an issue where ParseLink doesn't have proper read/write permissions to the settings folder in trial mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Authentication results would reappear after closing.
  • Fixed an issue where images captured during the ParseLink 30-day trial were incorrectly saving as unrecognized.
  • Fixed an issue where CR5400 status LEDs were only available while using the Authentication SDK.