ParseLink Product Updates April 2024

1 update to ParseLink Dashboard and 2 updates for ParseLink for Windows


WizzForms has been rebranded to ParseLink. You can learn more about the transition process and the new exciting features included with ParseLink in the knowledge base.

ParseLink for Windows - 4/4/2024


  • Fixed a file signature issue with the MSI installer being incorrectly flagged by Microsoft Smart Screen

ParseLink for Windows - 4/2/2024

Initial Launch - WizzForms is now ParseLink


  • New licensing system with a self-service ParseLink dashboard.
  • New branding and some light UI enhancements.
  • Updated parser to 16.2403.22.3


  • Added ability to send some device data (name, scanner, profile name, app version) to the new ParseLink dashboard.
  • Barcode security check is now available for all tiers.
  • Added support for Authentication SDK 3.13
  • For WizzForms customers upgrading to the same PC:
    • Added ability to migrate settings from WizzForms on first launch.
    • Added ability to migrate keystroke profiles from WizzForms on first launch.
    • Added ability to migrate default scanner from WizzForms on first launch.
    • Added ability to migrate license key from WizzForms on first launch and automatically. add the device to your new ParseLink account. Learn more here.
  • Added support for Digital Check Smart Source Elite scanners.
  • Added ability to use ESC key to close certain popup windows and menus.


  • ParseLink app and installer no longer dependent on .NET 3.5
  • Removed some unnecessary packages from scanner SDKs to improve performance.

ParseLink Dashboard

1.2403.0.19 - 4/2/2024

Initial Launch -


  • Ability for customers to sign up for new accounts via stripe.
  • Ability to add ParseLink as a product to existing accounts.
  • Added product dashboard to see subscription information, expiration date, and number of seats added to your account.
  • Added self-service licensing page where users can manage their devices.
    • Add devices for automatic licensing over the internet.
    • Add devices with license key file for offline scanning.
    • Monitor device name, active profile, status, app version, scanner model, and last sync.