How do I configure which Authentication results appear before my ParseLink profile is run?

How to configure the Authentication settings

Table of Contents

Authentication Settings Menu

The authentication settings menu contains options for how the Authentication SDK checks are run after each scan. Here you can enable or disable authentication, set the strictness level, and control how the results and details popups appear on your screen.

  • Authentication Engine Checkbox
  • Strictness Level Selector
    • Friendly
    • Balanced
    • Strict
  • Additional Options
    • Show details on top
    • Prompt only if suspicious

Authentication Engine Checkbox

Enabling this checkbox will start the Authentication SDK if it's installed. After a scan, our suite of authentication tests will run and assess the validity of the ID. After a few seconds, the results will appear in a popup window. After dismissing the window, your ParseLink profile will execute as normal.

In this section of the window, you can also see the version number, expiration date, and license status of the Authentication SDK.

  • You can get the latest version of the Authentication SDK Host from our downloads page.
  • Your license and expiration date should reflect the expiration date of your ParseLink Enterprise subscription, which you can view in the ParseLink Dashboard.

Strictness Level Selector

The strictness level of the Authentication SDK will change how the overall result of the Authentication SDK tests are calculated. Strictness level determines when a warning is shown, and we recommend Balanced, though you can tweak if needed. 

Additional Options

Show details on top

Use this checkbox to control how the Authentication results window appears over other app windows. It's similar to the "Always on Top" function used by our other apps.

  • Disable this checkbox to allow the results to appear in the background.
  • Enable this checkbox to force the results to appear on the top of every other window.

Prompt only if suspicious

Use this checkbox to control whether the Passed popup is shown after an ID passes all authentication checks. Warning, Flagged, and Failed popups will always be shown.

  • Disable this checkbox to always show the Passed popup.
  • Enable this checkbox to disable showing the Passed popup.