How do I setup ID Authentication on my ParseLink app?

A guide for ParseLink Enterprise users to enable the ID Authentication SDK with their supported scanners to allow additional fake ID checks on every scan.

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How do I know if I'm compatible?

ParseLink Enterprise Tier

ID Authentication is included in the ParseLink Enterprise tier. 

To upgrade from the ParseLink Basic tier to the ParseLink Enterprise tier, you can learn more about editing your subscription.

Compatible Scanners

The following scanners have the UV, IR, and White Light image quality to ensure full compatibility with the Authentication SDK.

  • Thales CR5400
  • Thales AT9000
  • Thales AT10K
  • E-Seek M500

Authentication SDK Compatibility

The Authentication SDK requires certain performance minimums to ensure that all checks are run accurately and in a timely manner. You can read more about the performance requirements in our guide on which CPUs are compatible with the Authentication SDK.

Installation and Setup

Download the Authentication Host and the Authentication Data installers from our downloads page. Note that both installers are required to activate ID Authentication.


  • Authentication Host - This is the ID engine, which runs the checks on each ID.
  • Authentication Data - This is the ID library, which holds templates for each supported ID.

Once both applications are installed, exit and relaunch ParseLink.

Once restarted, open the tray menu by right-clicking the tray icon and select Settings > Authentication Settings to open the Authentication Settings windows.

It may take a few seconds for the Authentication SDK to initialize.


The window will open automatically after the initialization is complete.

If you are on ParseLink Basic, Authentication is not included with your subscription. Upgrade to the Enterprise tier to get the most benefits from your ID Scanner. If you have any questions about upgrading to ParseLink Enterprise, contact us.

Enable the checkbox next to Authentication Engine to allow ASDK to run checks on each ID as it is scanned. This will add a few seconds of processing time but will result in an Authentication Report after each scan so you can see the validity of the ID in real time.

Scanning with ID Authentication

After each scan, you can assess the authenticity of an ID based on the overall status of the ParseLink ID Authentication. It will appear after each scan when the checkbox is enabled.

Passed Popup Failed Popup

You can take a deeper dive into the authenticity of an ID by clicking on the details button to see which tests passed, which got a warning, and which failed.

Passed Details Failed Details

You can learn more about the Authentication settings menu in this support article.