How do I change my ParseLink device quantity?

How to change your ParseLink device count to add or remove seats from your subscription using the Subscription Dashboard on

Changing your device quantity is easy, simply log into and go to the Subscription Dashboard. Hover over the Edit Subscription button and select Device Quantity.

To update your device quantity, open the Change Options button on your current tier to open the Customize Purchase window. Here you can reselect whether you'd like monthly or annual billing, as well as set the total number of devices you wish to use.


Make sure that the number in the Quantity box is the total number of devices you will be using on your account.

After you have set the new number of devices, you will be presented with a billing breakdown. On this breakdown, you'll see:

  • Charges for your new device total
  • Any discounts applied at the time of change
  • Credits for unused time

After you can confirmed the charges, click on the Subscribe button to update your subscription.

Credit Balance

You will be credited for unused time on your subscription when changing device quantity. If your unused time credits are more than your new monthly or annual total, will charge you again after you have spent the entirety of your credit balance.