How do I upgrade from WizzForms to ParseLink?

Existing customers can upgrade automatically simply by downloading the ParseLink installer. Learn how to license the ParseLink app and gain access to the device management portal.

Table of Contents

Getting started in the portal

Account confirmation

On launch day, we sent you an email with your login instructions for the portal. Here, you can manage your subscription and any users who have access to the ParseLink Device Management Portal.

Before you get started:

Please check your email inbox (or spam folder) for an email from sent on April 23, 2024 with the subject line Registration on

To get signed into the ParseLink Dashboard, click this link to open the device manager.

You will be presented with a login to your account, a unified account that manages products and subscriptions across all platforms.

Enter the credentials in the welcome email to the login page.

Once logged in, you can see your ParseLink subscription dashboard and device management. 

You don't need to do anything in the portal to upgrade from WizzForms to ParseLink. You just want to confirm your account details are correct. By following the rest of this guide, your devices should automatically appear in your device management page.

Get started on your WizzForms PC

Prepping your PC

Make sure that WizzForms is not running.

  • Right-click on the WizzForms system tray icon.
  • Select Exit from the popup menu.

Installing ParseLink

Download the ParseLink installer from our downloads page.

Run the ParseLinkSetup.msi installer.

Installing ParseLink on your PC requires admin rights on your PC. Contact your IT team for assistance if you are not able to run programs with elevated privileges.

Accept the license agreement and click next until the installer prompts you to install.

Once completed, click Finish to exit the installer.

Launching ParseLink for the first time

ParseLink should now be available to launch from your desktop and the Windows start menu.

Click on the green PL icon to launch ParseLink.

Now, instead of the yellow WF icon, you should see a green PL icon in the system tray.

During the first-time setup, ParseLink should perform the following tasks:

  • Automatically convert your WizzForms license to ParseLink
  • Attach your ParseLink devices to your ParseLink Device Manager
  • Copy all your keystroke profiles from WizzForms to ParseLink
  • Copy your settings configuration from WizzForms to ParseLink

ParseLink is now ready to be used!

How can I verify everything copied correctly?

Check your License.

Right-click on the ParseLink icon in the system tray and select Registration.

If the transfer was successful, you should see a Success message under your ParseLink license.

If no license is present, or if there is an Error under your license, please contact our technical support team for assistance.

Check Your Profiles and Settings.

Right-click on the ParseLink icon in the system tray and hover over Profiles.

You should see the same profiles as before, with the same profile selected as your default profile. If your profiles or settings didn't copy over correctly, please contact our technical support team for assistance transferring your profiles and settings manually.

I need to transfer to a new PC

Follow this guide to license a new ParseLink device using your existing seats.

How do I use the new Device Manager?

Check out this guide on how to use the new ParseLink device manager.

Welcome to ParseLink.