VeriScan Information Message "Program is Already Running"

Our VeriScan Desktop application can be installed in two different ways.

The main way of installing the application is with the VeriScan Desktop interface that you can interact with.

The second way you can install it is as a Service, which means it'll run in the background without the user interface. Doing this unintentionally will result in the following message window:

How to Resolve

Step 1: Stop the Service (Optional)

  1. Open up your Task Manager
  2. Select More details

  3. Select the Services tab

  4. Locate VeriScanService

  5. Right-click and select Stop
  6. Relaunch VeriScan

Step 2: Uninstall / Reinstall Application

  1. Uninstall VeriScan
  2. Reinstall VeriScan
  3. Do not select the option Install VeriScan Service. upon installation

Avoiding in the Future

To avoid this on future installations, do not check the box on the following step of the installation.

Simply click the Next button, leaving the checkbox Unchecked.

Once you are past this screen, continue the installation like normal.

In addition, accidentally trying to open up the application more than once, or trying to reopen the application immediately after closing it can result in this issue. Always wait a few seconds to relaunch the application after shutting it down.