Which features can I restrict VeriScan app users from using with an Admin PIN?

How to set up the Admin PIN and restrict certain features within the VeriScan app.

Currently, the admin PIN only restricts features on the new VeriScan app for Windows.

Setting the Admin PIN

To get started, log into the VeriScan Cloud Portal and navigate to Settings > Local Settings > Device Access to locate the setting called Enable Admin / Security Lock.

Set the toggle to Enabled and enter a pin number in the Admin PIN textbox.

The PIN must be 4 to 10 digits long and only numbers are accepted.

Once enabled, the VeriScan Desktop app should require the PIN to use any of the restricted features with and active checkbox.

Restricting Features

You can easily choose which features are restricted and which are allowed without a PIN. Simply enable the checkbox for the feature you wish to restrict and a PIN will be required in the VeriScan app for Windows to use that feature.

Feature PIN will be required to
Add phone Add or change a phone number in "More Info"
View visitor profiles Open the Visitor Profile page for any visitor from the Recent Visits feed or from the History screen
Change sounds Change Sounds settings in Settings > Alerts > Default Alerts
Change phone Change a phone number in "More Info" if a phone number has already been entered (new phone numbers can still be added)
Change visitor profiles Change information in the Visitor Profile page for any visitor
Turn pop-ups on/off Change the Enabled Pop-Ups settings in Settings > Alerts > Default Alerts
Change local settings Change any option in the Settings menu.
Change scan results view Change any option in Settings > Scan Results
Change update settings Change the Notifications option in Settings > Updates
Add email Add or change an email address in "More Info"
Add visit tags Add tags in "More Info"
Add devices Add new Devices (scanners, cameras, signature pads) to Settings > Devices
Change email Change an email address in "More Info" if an email has already been entered (new email addresses can still be added)
Change visit tags Add or remove tags in "More Info"
Remove devices Delete Devices (scanners, cameras, signature pads) from Settings > Devices
Export reports Export reports using the Reports button in the History screen.
Show / hide recent visitors Change whether the Recent VIsitors feed at the bottom of the Scan screen is shown or hidden
Log out Log out or change the device login information under Settings > License > Login
Add visit comments Add or change the visit comment in "More Info"
Add visitor to group Add or change the group a visitor is assigned to
Add images Add a live photo to a visitor record using a webcam
Change visit comments Change the visit comment in "More Info" if a comment has already been entered (a new comment can still be added)
Change group assignments Assign a visitor to a group if a group has already been set (visitors with no group can still be added to a group)
Print badges and agreements Manually print out badges or agreements using the Template button on the Scan  screen
Configure columns Change which columns are shown and which are hidden in the History screen and the Visitors screen
Change badges and agreements Activate or deactivate badges and agreements in the Settings > Local Settings > Templates menu