VeriScan Product Updates April 2022

1 update to VeriScan Desktop. 1 update to VeriScan for iOS (VS Max).

VeriScan for iOS (VS Max) - 1.8 | 2022-04-12



  • Account registration from app now possible


  • Changes to the DOB selector
  • The length of the email field has been limited to 150 characters
  • Removed the ‘Autoincrement Total if ID OK’ setting
  • Changed the text on the button ‘Verification option’ to ‘Services’
  • Applied some character restrictions to the email and phone number fields
  • Cleaned up some text on the About screen


  • Resolved an issue related to the ‘Agreement Confirmation Opens Camera’ logic
  • Resolved an issue related to print dialogs
  • Resolved an issue related to the failure messaging while using DMV Validation
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the ‘History’ button from being displayed on the History tab
  • Resolved an issue where the ‘History’ button was not being displayed vertical screen orientation
  • Resolved a logic issue related to the ‘Hide manual entry button’
  • Resolved an issue where the app would indicate a required field needed to be completed when data had already been inputted
  • Resolved an issue where the date selector in History would allow the user to select an earlier date in the ‘Date to’ field
  • History entries were overlapping in some rare instances
  • Custom fields were not indicating which fields were required
  • Resolved an issue where Comments could not be entered
  • General stability fixes and improvements

VeriScan Desktop - 2.147.1 | 2022-04-06



  • Added support for the Integrated Biometrics Kojak fingerprint scanner
  • Added support for printing FD-258 applicant cards
  • Added support for ASDK 2.145.1
  • Added a checkbox to enable capture of RFID on supported readers


  • Document alerts are now displayed differently
  • Changed how certain failed ASDK tests are displayed in the alerts bar