VeriScan Product Updates August 2022

1 update to VeriScan Desktop.

VeriScan Desktop - 2.152.3 | 2022-08-23

Compatible with ASDK 2.152.13



  • New Feature: Authentication on demand.
    • For ASDK users, you can now choose to perform authentication tests automatically for all IDs, based on a specific age, or manually.
    • These options are available in the Authentication Settings window (ASDK v2.152.13 or higher is required).
  • Unrecognized IDs are now included in the Auto-upload of failed IDs feature.
    • This is an opt-in feature available in the Authentication Settings window.
  • Warning Popup option now includes expired IDs.
  • Document Collector improvements.
  • Log Collector improvements.


  • Language has been updated to the error message that appears when the connection to the VeriScan Cloud server is unavailable for more clarity.
  • Parser updated to 16.2207.11.1.
  • ASDK support updated to 2.152.13.


  • The log entry feature with a fingerprint reader is now more consistent when using it with VS Cloud.


  • Removed the ability to disable the Poor Scan Quality popup. This is now treated as a system alert when ASDK is enabled.