VeriScan Product Updates June 2022

1 update to VeriScan Desktop.

VeriScan Desktop - 2.150.8 | 2022-06-27



  • VeriScan Online Premium and Enterprise users can now request to disable the ability to scan while offline (disconnected from the internet).
    • This is especially useful if your business heavily relies on the scanning of IDs to perform other functions (point of sale integration, for example).
  • An option to disable 'toast notifications' has been added to the View tab.
  • The ability to search by Country name in both Profile Manager and View/Export Log has been added.
  • We've added the ability to automatically upload failed IDs to the server for analysis.
    • This will assist in improving the product over time.
    • This is an opt-in feature that can be toggled on/off in Setup > Authentication Settings
  • A few popup alerts have been added that can be controlled via the portal:
    • under 21
    • foreign ID (ID not issued in the US)
    • barcode security check failed alert.
    • Please contact Technical Support or visit our knowledge base for more information.


  • The 'Invalid Data' test has been renamed to the 'Barcode Security' test.
  • Various labels in Authentication Settings have been updated for consistency and clarity.
  • Labels on warning popups have been updated for consistency and clarity.
  • A new method of printing cropped ID photos onto badges has been implemented.
    • This is designed to improve the print quality of the images when printed with black and white printers.
  • Additional label and language changes.


  • We've resolved a rare issue that would display the authentication details of the previously scanned ID when using the Log Entry feature.
  • The ability to add spaces to the beginning of the first and last name in Local Alerts has been removed.
  • The same has been done for the Visit Type Manager.
  • Resolved an issue where the VeriScan Online service would create duplicate visit records with unstable internet connections.
  • Group comments are no longer overwritten when using the Log Entry feature.
  • Minor cosmetic fixes.