VeriScan Product Updates March 2023

1 update to VeriScan for Windows and 1 update to VeriScan for iOS.

VeriScan for iOS - v6.16 | 2023-03-10


  • Some local app settings are moving to the VeriScan Cloud portal, effective March 15, 2023
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  • App icon, login screen, and navigation icons all updated
  • App name changed from VSOnline to VSCloud

    VeriScan for Windows - v3.2.71 | 2023-03-01

    Compatible with ASDK Data v3.2.2.1 (ASDK host is not required)


    • A modern, user-friendly interface
    • Dark mode for low light environments
    • Choose what information you most want to see
    • Filter your visitor history by date, time, alerts, and much more
    • View visitor history by photo
    • Add images of credit cards, medical cards, etc. with ease
    • Customize alerts, sounds, and pop-ups
    • All data is stored securely in our protected cloud–no PII on your employee’s computer
    • From the cloud portal, you can lock down application settings and choose what can be viewed or changed by end users