VeriScan Product Updates March 2024

2 updates to VeriScan for Windows.

VeriScan for Windows - | 2024-03-14


  • An issue related to series template crossmatch.

VeriScan for Windows - | 2024-03-13


  • New feature: In/Out Tracking. This is a returning feature from our Classic VeriScan app that allows you to track whether a visitor is considered ‘In’, ‘Out’, and measure their visit duration.
    • The In/Out feature also comes with two reports - In/Out report and an Emergency Roster report.
  • Support for ASDK 3.13.


  • Cosmetic changes to the grouping of the tests in Scan Results > Details tab.
  • Made improvements to the Unsupported ID alert pop-up to provide more information. This alert will also follow the Usage Data options in the account’s settings in regards to uploading these IDs for quality assurance purposes.
  • Improvements to ID face cropping by ensuring the cropping is consistent.
  • Cosmetic tweaks to the poor image quality alert to make it more actionable.
  • Cosmetic tweaks to the Scan Status banner on the Scan Results page.
  • Parser updated to version 16.2402.22.1.


  • An issue where phone numbers entered on a scan were not saving.
  • An issue where attachments submitted via the Submit a Support Ticket feature were not successfully being submitted.
  • An issue where the profile photo was not printing on the cloud badge.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.

VeriScan for iOS - 6.24 | 2024-03-11


  • Message and pop-up warning if unable to connect to the custom URL


  • Issue preventing device from connecting to on-prem server using device login and password
  • Issue with app after attempting to connect to an incorrect custom URL
  • Issue preventing redirect to login screen after updating the custom URL