VeriScan Product Updates May 2023

2 updates to VeriScan for Windows.

VeriScan for Windows - v3.4.55.1 | 2023-05-12



  • Fixed an issue related to licensing.


VeriScan for Windows - v3.4.53.1 | 2023-05-10



  • Cloud installer: The cloud installer will work with the VeriScan app and authentication engine to alert users when a new version is available. It simplifies the update and installation process.

Note: If your current VeriScan version is v3.1.x - 3.3.x, you will first need to uninstall it before installing the latest version from the cloud installer. However, device login and settings will be saved when the new version is installed.

  • Added a pop-up on start-up that will notify you when a new version of the app is available.

  • Added a Summary to the Authentication tab.


  • The active template is now highlighted in the Templates list.

  • Adaptive layout improvements.

  • Licensing for the Authentication engine is now handled in the VeriScan Cloud portal.

    • Only devices configured to run authentication can run the authentication engine.

Contact if you need assistance with authentication licensing.

  • Optimized MRZ and PDF417 decoding.


  • ID expiration date triggers alert at the beginning of the date of expiration rather than the following day.
  • Fixed webcam issues.
  • Issue with passport expiration dates that occurred with specific scanners