VeriScan Product Updates November 2023

1 update to VeriScan for Windows.

VeriScan for Windows - | 2023-11-08


  • Request an IdentiFraud check in-app - If you’re subscribed to IdentiFraud Third Party Checks, you can now request a check from within the app. Additionally, an Identity Quiz can be run for IDs that pass the IdentiFraud check.

Contact for assistance with getting this set up.
If you’re not currently subscribed and would like more information, contact your sales representative or follow this link.

  • Unrecognized IDs are now added to the Document Collector section of Settings. This comes in handy when troubleshooting unrecognized IDs with the support team.
  • Lock Manual Entry with Admin Security Lock - Enterprise+ subscribers can now lock the use of the Manual Entry button using the Admin Security Lock feature.


  • Improved messaging related to licensing.
  • Improved the database migration process.
  • Improved Live Photo capturing.
  • Input fields (email, phone number, and visit comments) will now automatically save after the data is inputted without having to click off of the field.
  • The Templates section in Settings has been renamed to Printing.
    • Added a Print Queue feature - Templates enabled for Print Queue will automatically print after each scan or once the Print button is pressed.
    • Added a Print Option dialog - A print dialog window will open up upon template
    • Added a printer selector - You can now set the default VeriScan printer without changing your default Windows printer.
  • The Recent Visitors section will now be hidden when your data collection is set to Do not collect.
  • Minor cosmetic improvements.


  • Fixed a bug where the camera feed was blank after initially adding a camera to devices.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.