VeriScan Product Updates September 2022

1 update to VeriScan Desktop.

VeriScan Desktop - 2.153.4 | 2022-09-15

Compatible with ASDK 2.152.13



  • New Feature: EFT file generation for the Kojak fingerprint scanner.
    • Fingerprints can be saved as EFT files for submission on the FBI or ATF websites, or printed on FD-258 cardstock.
    • Complies with EBTS versions 8.1 and 11.0. 
  • VeriScan can now pull relevant information from the ID into the FD-258 card (First Name, DOB, etc).
    • The remaining fields will need to be manually entered.
  • In addition to printing Kojak-captured fingerprints and form data to pre-printed FD-258 cardstock, VeriScan now has the ability to print the form, form data, and fingerprints onto blank cardstock.

VeriScan Online Enterprise subscription and Kojak fingerprint scanner are required for all Kojak fingerprinting functionality



  • Improvements to visit types (tags) and comments.
  • Improved synchronization of images and attachments within the visitor profile when using multiple devices.


  • Resolved some inconsistencies with visitor input fields.
  • Minor bug fixes.