WizzForms Product Updates November 2022

1 update to WizzForms for Windows

WizzForms for Windows - 1.155.4 | 2022-11-29

Compatible with ASDK 3.1.1+


  • Added support for ASDK 3.1.1


  • Longer wait time for Windows to release the specified COM port reader before giving an "Access denied" error message.
  • Longer wait time for Windows to reconnect network directories before giving a "Cannot find directory" error message.


  • Scanning multiple times before the previous scan is complete no longer causes issues.
  • Able to configure settings to save ID images and passport images independently.
  • M280 no longer produces a "No Data" error incorrectly when an ID is scanned.
  • Face image is cropped and saved even if multiple faces are detected on a scanned ID image.


  • Installer and application no longer dependent on .NET Framework 3.5