How is scanning affected when I lose internet access?

Understanding online and offline scanning in all VeriScan apps.

Our VeriScan apps maximize functionality with an active internet connection. While offline, devices temporarily store scan data and sync it with VeriScan Cloud upon reconnection, with admin-configurable restrictions. Some features require internet access, so we'll clarify their offline availability. 

Feature Windows Android iOS
ID parsing
Underage check
Expiration check
Group assignments 🔃 🔃 🔃
Tags 🔃 🔃 🔃
Barcode Security Check
Alert List (standard) ✅ 
Alert List (inverted)
Foreign ID Alert
MultiScan Alert
ID Authentication - -
Third Party Checks

✅ full functionality while offline 
❌ not supported while offline
🔃 changes made on the portal while offline will not be reflected until connection is restored